June 19, 2024

Textured beds are the secret to creating that cozy comfort you look forward to diving into each morning. Not only can texture add visual harmony but it can also bring soft comfort like the plush coat or worn quilt feel of old beds.

Layering pillows is an easy way to add an instant pop of color or pattern to any bedding ensemble. Here, striped accent pillows with floral motifs add a stylish finish that compliments an antique wood headboard and country-style quilt perfectly.

Pillows and Throws

Throw pillows and blankets can add instant elegance to a space with minimal effort. Simply layer extra-thick textured fabrics like velvet or hand-looped wool for an extravagantly lush appearance, then break up their collection by including some round accent pillows in round shapes such as round accent pillows in vibrant indigo patchwork patterns or watercolor designs for added contrast against neutral duvet covers and pillow shams.

Maintaining consistency in your pillowscape is essential, but having fun with different shapes, sizes, colors and materials can take it one step further. Try mixing patterns by selecting one busier print as the focal point then mixing solid options or complementary patterns around it. Try different pillow shapes such as oversized options, round throw pillows and extra-long lumbar pillows until you find an arrangement you love before finishing off your bedding with a draped throw blanket to add another layer of warmth and color!

Bed Runners

Bed runners (also referred to as bed scarves) provide an effective way of adding color and style to an accommodation’s beds without changing its entire bedding ensemble. Furthermore, bed runners protect duvet covers from being stained by luggage or guests’ shoes sitting at the foot of beds – something no duvet cover can do alone!

Bed runners come in various styles, such as toile, French, oriental and ikat patterned designs to accentuate an accommodation’s theme and easily launderable fabrics that allow easy care for them.

Finding the ideal patterned bed runner requires considering its color combinations carefully; select one with an assortment of hues that is balanced to complement the theme of the room while not overpowering it. If too much color overwhelms, try opting for fabric with subtle prints like velvet.

Throw Blankets

Blankets, often confused with throw pillows and other decorative elements, are essential bedding accessories for keeping warm and cozy during colder weather. Usually larger than throws, blankets are designed to cover all dimensions of a mattress while complementing its overall decor.

When selecting a blanket, keep your height and needs in mind when making a selection. Also consider how it will be used; if napping is on your agenda, a heavier weighted blanket like Quility could help ensure an easier journey into sleepiness and better night’s rest.

Lisanin emphasizes the importance of finding a blanket that suits your comfort level and style preferences, which she suggests doing by looking at its GSM (grams per square meter), an indicator of softness and density. For instance, this throw blanket from Morrow stands out among similar offerings with its unique striped texture and fringed ends that set it apart.


Start creating the ultimate cozy bed by selecting a set of luxurious white sheets with monogram-able options or piping details, adding both personalization and luxury to your bedding ensemble.

Sheets come in various constructions and weaves, which determine their feel. For instance, sateen weave features yarns that float over several other threads in one direction for an elegant silky-smooth surface and luxurious feel.

As per season, you may prefer heavier or lighter fabrics like flannel during winter or jersey knit during summer. For an ultralight and cool linen option, Cuddledown sheets come highly recommended from Good Housekeeping Institute’s certified textiles expert as “the right balance between soothing and crisp.”

Consider subtly adding stripes to your sheets for an elegant, sophisticated look that complements all the colors in your room. Layer solid-color pillows and woven throw blankets to complete your bedding design scheme.

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