July 15, 2024

Making a choice about the perfect sofa entails the decision about your living room that will affect you most and, hopefully, for the longest time. The task need not be intimidating; with the right guidance, sofa shopping can be an exciting and gratifying experience.

But still, take your time, sleep over the options and then follow these tried-and-tested tips to help you love your sofa: 13 So here is how to find the sofa of your dreams…

Determine Your Needs and Preferences

Investments sofa must be thought about carefully. You must make analyze what you need and what you like, also, you have to consider your space dimensions, so that, when you go to the market you could be sure of which style/materials will be the best for you and for your living. If you decide to act this way, your living room is guaranteed to get your perfect piece!

    Discover Your Sofa’s Purpose

    It will depend upon how you are going to use the sofa – if it is as somewhere to sprawl out on and watch TV, then comfort should be your priority – so you might look for somewhere with plump seat cushions and deep seating that fits this bill.

    Secondly, if you have children or pets, then it could be useful to choose a sofa made from sturdy and stain-resistant materials. King Edward VII chair at Buckingham Palace. Photo by Ninukko Khanum/Bauer-Griffin/GC ImagesThirdly, you should sit on it and see if it’s comfortable. Try out different positions!

    Measure Your Space

    Measuring your space first means you don’t end up browsing showroom floors or filling up pin boards with pictures of sofas you like – then crossing your fingers and hoping one of them will fit into the space you have available. Just use a tape measure on your home instead, and narrow down the choices. Whether it stands or lies, scale and proportion can make or break a sofa’s appearance in any space. One that’s too capacious could overwhelm the setting and upset visual equilibrium, while one that’s too petite could appear patent and out of scale with its furniture fellows. For example, no sofa should be longer than two-thirds of the wall it will be placed next to – your guests will not be comfortable if they are facing too far into the room, or be able to join you while preventing others from passing behind them.

    Explore Your Options

    Investment sofa can be really expensive so when you’re shopping don’t forget to keep your budget in mind. It may seem that a good quality sofa will have all your requriments and will be off-budget but I can assure you that there are ways to get any sofa you like without going over the line. Think about your needs and preferences, measure the space you’re going to need, research the available styles and materials considering your requirements as well as your comfort levels and you surely won’t regret it! Figure out what kind of sofa you need and then start narrowing your choices. If a sofa is for lounging, look for comfort above all: deep seats, plump cushions. If your goal is fashion, look for bold colours or patterns. A sofa is a long-term buy: Make sure it makes you happy for years to come.

    Test for Comfort

    Think about your living space and what it needs when choosing your sofa. If your family love to enjoy their evening sitting down and reading together, a very deep-filled style of sofa might be perfect but, if entertaining guests is on your agenda, an L-shaped sofa might work better for you. Durability and easy-cleaning are also essential when buying upholstery: suede is lovely to the touch, but not to the bum; microfibre is durable and will still look good in a decade, when it’s been scuffed and gurned every day. Lastly, colour affects a room’s mood instantly. Whether you choose neutral tones for that no-commitment look, such as beige or grey, which work with any decor style, or go big and bold, which add excitement to a space by reflecting your personality.

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