June 19, 2024

Having a clear understanding of the various types of growth on your roof is crucial in order to address potential damage effectively. Moss, algae, and lichens are often mistaken for one another but possess distinct characteristics.

Identifying Moss Growth on Your Roof

While moss and algae can sometimes be observed from the ground, it is essential to note that moss growth may remain concealed for extended periods. Moisture seeping beneath the shingles creates favorable conditions for moss to grow away from direct sunlight. Consequently, a comprehensive evaluation of moss growth on your roof requires more than a mere glance upwards.

The Damaging Effects of Moss on Shingles

Moss can cause considerable harm to your shingles in three primary ways:

  • Stripping of Protective Oils: Moss gradually strips away the protective oils on your shingles, leaving them vulnerable to erosion and sun damage. The absence of this protective layer results in the warping and cracking of shingles, significantly shortening their lifespan.
  • Water Absorption: Moss absorbs water, spreading it across your shingles and penetrating their outer protective layer whenever it rains. If left unaddressed, this moisture buildup will deteriorate your shingles, necessitating roof replacement.
  • Under-Shingle Spreading: Moss can spread beneath your shingles, absorbing water and enabling moisture to infiltrate the interior of your home. This moisture accumulation can lead to wood rot, which requires extensive and costly repairs.

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