June 19, 2024

When planning a kitchen remodel, it’s essential to know how much cabinetry will cost. This major investment can significantly affect the value of your home.

The cost of kitchen cabinets varies based on several factors. The type, style and finish you select can all affect the final price tag for your new cabinetry.


Kitchen cabinets are an integral component of a kitchen remodel, and their material can make or break the overall aesthetic. When selecting materials for your cabinets, consider your budget, kitchen design, and what purpose you plan to use them for.

Wood is a widely-used material for cabinetry, and there are various types to choose from. Alder is one such example – soft yet durable, with an array of colors to suit different kitchens.

Plywood, on the other hand, is an engineered material composed of multiple thin layers of wood laminated together. It offers various benefits such as strength and durability while being resistant to moisture damage.

Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is another popular option, boasting strength and durability as well as resistance to warping or expansion due to temperature changes. According to Better Homes & Gardens, MDF also requires little handling for easy handling.


When installing kitchen cabinets, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Additionally, hiring local handymen or professional organizers for this job may be beneficial.

First, locate the wall studs using a stud finder. These are metal or wood beams that support your walls and cabinets.

Next, mark the back of each cabinet where it will meet a stud and drill small pilot holes to make installation easier.

Once the cabinets are secure, you can begin attaching the face frames. Finally, mount the doors.

For a polished appearance and to hide any flaws in the cabinets, add a toe kick – an element of trim that fits at their base.

As an extra safety measure, consider installing a ledger board. This is simply a thin piece of wood or metal that you screw to the wall at an even level.


Cabinet design plays a significant role in your kitchen’s aesthetic. It sets the stage for other elements like countertops, backsplashes and lighting to come together harmoniously.

Cabinets are an ideal way to maximize space and give your kitchen the look it deserves. Depending on your budget, stock cabinets may be available or custom-made according to your preferences and needs.

You have a wide range of finishes and colors to choose from for your kitchen cabinets. White or light gray are popular, but you may also opt for darker hues as a contrast.

Add a splash of vibrant red or yellow to your kitchen for an eye-catching aesthetic. Just be sure it blends in well with the rest of the room, not clashing with any other materials or shades.

Another way to add personality to your kitchen is by including a face frame with your cabinet doors. These can be designed into any shape, providing an eye-catching accent for the cabinets.


Cabinets can be one of the most costly components to install in your home, so it’s essential that they be durable, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

When selecting kitchen hardware, you have a wide range of styles, shapes, sizes and materials to choose from. Mixing knobs and pulls together can create visual interest as well as add depth to your space.

When selecting kitchen hardware, take into account your design style and match it accordingly. Whether you opt for a rustic or modern aesthetic, selecting the correct hardware can help tie together your overall aesthetic.

You have plenty of resources online that you can use to find hardware that suits both your style and budget. Just remember: experiment with different types and sizes before selecting the ideal look for your kitchen.

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